Author: Front Desk

Are there any negative side effects of floating?

Generally no…. most floaters do not experience negative side effects from floating. There are however, a few circumstances that might be uncomfortable. Although these situations are generally avoidable, here are some potential scenarios, and strategies to keep in mind to help you to get the most out of your float experience. Boredom It’s common to… Read more »

Lights and Music or Dark and Silent?

Float tanks are also referred to as sensory deprivation tanks. The goal is to achieve ultimate relaxation by limiting sensory input, allowing our central nervous system to rest. While most avid floaters will tell you that floating in absolute darkness and complete silence is really where your brain and body receive the most beneficial rest,… Read more »


Please Review Our Temporary Procedures In Effect REOPENED AS OF JUNE 1ST! As a proactive measure to help efforts to limit COVID-19 spread and exposure, maintain the health of our staff and the community at large, we made the decision to temporarily close Float Harder in March. We continue to feel confident that floating is… Read more »


Q: How clean is it? A: Really, REALLY clean! CLEANING PROCEDURES Cleaning and sanitation has been a focus for us, long before it was in fashion. The float tank automatically filters the salt solution after each float and our staff is carefully trained to sanitize the shower, float tank and other high touch areas with an EPA… Read more »

Which earplugs should I use?

We provide two different options of earplugs for your float. Earplugs are not necessary, but most people do prefer them. We always recommend putting earplugs in prior to showering as they can be very difficult to secure once your ears are wet. One option provided is a standard foam earplug. Most people are more familiar… Read more »