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Q: How clean is it? A: Really, REALLY clean! CLEANING PROCEDURES Cleaning and sanitation has been a focus for us, long before it was in fashion. The float tank automatically filters the salt solution after each float and our staff is carefully trained to sanitize the shower, float tank and other high touch areas with an EPA… Read more »

Which earplugs should I use?

We provide two different options of earplugs for your float. Earplugs are not necessary, but most people do prefer them. We always recommend putting earplugs in prior to showering as they can be very difficult to secure once your ears are wet. One option provided is a standard foam earplug. Most people are more familiar… Read more »

10 Tips and Tricks to a great float!

Floating takes practice.  Doing absolutely nothing for 90 minutes can prove to be a challenging task. The good news? It gets easier! The best but possibly most difficult aspect about your float is that YOU are in complete control of your float! The float tank is just the vessel that facilitates your experience. Although there… Read more »

Pod vs. Room… what’s the difference, anyway?

We get this question A LOT so we felt inspired to make a quick blog post discussing the differences in these two types of float tanks. ​The pod and the room, essentially, provide the same floatation experience. They are both designed to float your body in roughly ten inches of skin temperature, heavily salinated (Epsom… Read more »

Floatease – The Halo

Introducing…  The Halo! Ok, float enthusiasts. This is the sort of thing we geek out about around here! We got some new equipment to help enhance your float. You’ve tried floating a few times now and you really liked it, buuuuut there was some tension in your neck still so you tried the pillow. Ohhh… Read more »