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First Quarter – Float for Philanthropy

Well, we picked a date for our quarterly Float for Philanthropy day and it coincided with a Nor’ Easter… but we had a few dedicated, philanthropists who came in for a float before we made the decision to close early for safety. We managed to raise $300 that day and each floater put the name… Read more »

Christine Anuszewski

February Feature Artist Christine grew up in Maine and developed a loving appreciation for art at an early age. She spent her childhood exploring the beach, the ocean, the outdoors and all of the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Her gratitude for the natural world, combined with her curiosity, led to her desire to… Read more »

2016 Art Program – Great Success!

When Float Harder opened in mid April of last year, we had already decided that we wanted to have a rotating gallery of art, we just didn’t know where to begin! Someone suggested that we reach out to Maine College of Art as a starting point… of course! Some times it takes a gentle push… Read more »

The GIANT LIST of Thank Yous!!

From the earliest stage of our business planning, we’ve kept a list. The list is all the people who have lifted us up along the way and helped us to start this business. Certainly we’ve missed a person or two here or there and for that, please accept our apologies! We had grand ideas of… Read more »

Pod vs. Room… what’s the difference, anyway?

We get this question A LOT so we felt inspired to make a quick blog post discussing the differences in these two types of float tanks. ​The pod and the room, essentially, provide the same floatation experience. They are both designed to float your body in roughly ten inches of skin temperature, heavily salinated (Epsom… Read more »

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